Pioneers, Settlers, Town Planners

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 4 April 2017

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Tim Mansfield is a strategist, culture consultant and futures researcher, specialising in the cultural sector. He has been the CEO of the Interaction Consortium since August 2016.

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In her cracking Museums and the Web 2017 paper, Lucie Paterson lays out ACMI's success in using a product management approach to guide the build of their new website.

Drawing on the recent successes of the Experience & Digital Team at ACMI, this paper will explain how the team is using product management methods to strategically transform the organization’s culture from one of irregular, exhibition-driven change to one that is constantly and continuously evolving

Using Simon Wardley’s Pioneer Settlers Town Planners concept as a framing tool, this paper will discuss the first year of a new process implementing product management practice and conclude by giving a series of recommendations able to be adopted by museums large and small.

Lucie Paterson
Product Manager, Experience & Digital

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We're a bit biased because ACMI's site is our new favourite GLAMkit build, but it's a great read – detailed and erudite.

Read Lucie's paper at the MW2017 site.

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